Curved Stick Earrings
Curved Stick Earrings

Curved Stick Earrings


Metal: 14K Rose Gold

Gems: White Diamonds

Gem Certification: Kimberly Process

Length: Approx. 50mm drop

Handcrafted in Los Angeles


Mason / Stanley

Simple, unique fine jewelry designed and made locally in Los Angeles, California. Born from a passion to create delicate, easy to wear pieces, the line pays homage to its minimalist Southern California roots. Mason / Stanley’s design is grounded in the elements that the California coastline has to offer. They celebrate this unique landscape and bring those elements to life in their pieces. Surfboards, harpoons, shark teeth and even the illustrious Bermuda Triangle all play a part in the design aesthetic of the debut collection.

Brooke and Jessica are California natives currently living in Venice with their husbands and pups. Their backgrounds in advertising, fine art and technology have driven them to create pieces that are classic with an edge. Whether on the water, in the mountains, or rummaging through heirlooms at a flea market, inspiration for their creations can be found throughout their travels.