Crown Bezel Ruby Studs
Crown Bezel Ruby Studs
Crown Bezel Ruby Studs
Crown Bezel Ruby Studs

Crown Bezel Ruby Studs


Metal: 14K Solid Gold

Gems: Rubies

TCW: 1.00cts

Diameter: 4.3mm

Handcrafted in Los Angeles


Ruby is a high energy stone which is actually a type of sapphire. It is used to amplify energy and increase chi or prana. It is also a stone that may bring a sense of adventure to the wearer. It has been associated with prosperity and wealth for centuries. It is said to help find or stabilize work and finances, as well as bringing general prosperity. Ruby also is used to increase generosity, help make decisions, set goals and be motivated.

Also known as a stone of great courage and inner strength. It is a stone of self-confidence, self-love, and increased inner power. It also is a stone of honesty, which can assist with issues surrounding and interfering with self-confidence and inner power.


Logan Hollowell

“The hope and intention behind my jewelry is to make others feel confident in letting their inner beauty shine with the same energy used to create each piece.” 

Raised on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, Logan grew up surrounded by wilderness and the magic of nature. Many childhood nights included stargazing and admiring the moon, captivated by the comfort of the cosmos. Most of her younger years were spent outdoors—hiking, fishing and boating, living simply and free.

With a foundation in nature and spiritual symbolism, Logan Hollowell Jewelry is laden with totem animals, constellations, precious stones and metals.  She designs and constructs each handmade piece in downtown Los Angeles with an organic and asymmetrical aesthetic, special and perfect in its own right, like human nature.  Logan creates her collection with intention. Each piece is made with the love and magic that she has discovered through nature and the universe.