Cluster Earrings
Cluster Earrings
Cluster Earrings

Cluster Earrings


Metal: 18K Solid Gold

Gems: White Diamonds

TCW: 1.17cts

Handcrafted in Hong Kong


Kai Linz

Kai Linz is an independent jewelry designer based in Santa Barbara. Always with an eye for developing trends, Kai’s personal sense of style is what brought her into the jewelry business. Looking for a way to express her individuality, Kai’s jewelry was always a hit with both friends and strangers who were constantly trying to buy her pieces right off her. In 2008 Kai started a line of jewelry that mirrored her own fashion forward sense of style.

Blue jeans to black tie, Kai’s collection is both sophisticated and stylish, and designed to allow the modern contemporary woman to express her own style and sensuality.

“It’s all about how you put it together” represents Kai’s approach to jewelry design and how it allows every woman to express her own individuality.