What's her jewelry style?

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By now you know that we help you find the perfect jewelry gift for your recipient in seconds. However, we're not psychics, so in order to do this we must know her style.

Read on if you need some help cracking the code on your lady's style. If by then end of our playbook you still can't figure it out (no judgement!) shoot an email to concierge@tove.co. Be sure to include a photo of your lovely lady, social media channels if you feel it's right, and obviously a big "HELP" in the subject line. We will happily lend a hand - or this case, our eyes.


Style Archetypes - TOVE

The Minimalist

(Think Gigi Hadid or Victoria Beckham)

She's a fan of sleek, simple shapes in a toned-down palette that keep her looking sharp with an understated beauty. This means she wears a lot of black, white and neutrals. It is a rare occasion (or a never occasion) that you see her bust out a colorful dress for a special event. Black fills up her closet — as she says it goes with everything.

This woman feels similarly about her jewelry. She wants no-frills (yet special) pieces that works any time of day, any day of the year.

The Bohemian

(Think Nicole Richie or Vanessa Hudgens) 

Bell-bottoms may be a thing of the past, but the bohemian woman still exists. Her wardrobe may consist of breezy gowns and earthy fabrics, however this doesn’t mean she’s not chic. The boho-chic, free spirited woman loves earthy, ethnic-inspired looks.

Stay chic in your jewelry choice. Just because she eats green doesn’t mean she wants to look like a modern-day flower child. Gifting to this woman is about mixing gorgeous gems, with sustainable practices and a story. 

The Lady

(Think Olivia Palermo or Kate Bosworth)

Grace Kelly's impeccable style may be a bit passé, but her prim, polished, and pulled-together air still resonates with today's refined woman. She’s not one for athleisure, and wouldn’t be caught dead without a manicure. Her closet is filled with coordinating skirts and blouses -- usually with ruffles, lace, or other ladylike details.

Keep the jewelry choice for these ladies feminine, but not over the top. Hint: pearls are a must for at least one important occasion. 

The Maverick

(Think Gwen Stefani or Rihanna)

In the know of the latest designers? Loves avant-garde cuts? Coordinates man-repelling outfits? This fashion-forward woman is not afraid to experiment. She doesn’t follow the pack and is constantly looking for clothing, brands no one has heard of to start her own trends. If people do follow her, she is a true maverick and needs an edgier piece of jewelry to match.

The gifting goal, to be one step ahead of the small designer or line she’s about to find out about.

The Classicist

(Think Miranda Kerr or Jennifer Aniston)

Her closet is full of basics —this means T-shirts, blazers, white shirts, and classic trousers. She she looks effortlessly chic in theses simple staple pieces.

She appreciates the same of her jewelry. Gold bands, simple stud earrings, not too much flash. She embraces tradition and prefers to stick with things that have either been or trend for a while or have stood the test of time (and will only continue to). 


The Bombshell

(Think Sofia Vergara or Kim Kardashian)

Sexy is this woman's mantra. She gravitates towards pieces that show off her curvy, feminine figure. This means her closet is filled with clothing that accentuates her features that you love — think deep V’s, high slits, and lots of color.

Choose jewelry that suits her loud personality. Think big rocks and flashes of color that will match her favorite dresses.


Remember, if you get the style right, you get the gift right. It's that easy...so get going and find the perfect piece!