What's the difference between 14K, 18K, and 24K gold?

When it comes to gold jewelry, mo’ karats does not equal mo’ better. Shocked? Let us explain. While 24 karat gold (pure gold) may sound better than 18 karat (which is made up of 75% gold), when it comes to jewelry that will be worn daily that’s just not the case. Gold in it’s purest form is extremely soft and loses particles if it is handled too frequently...not a good mix for pieces you want to wear everyday for years to come! For this reason jewelers choose gold materials that contain other metals in their mix. This creates a beautiful yet stable gold piece that can live on to become a family heirloom. The sweet spot for fine jewelry is...

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What's her ring size?

Asking her ring size is a dead giveaway you’re up to something special, and you want this to be a surprise, right? That’s why we’re here. If you don’t already know her ring size, here are three discreet ways to figure it out (depending on how smooth you are, of course). Option 1: Ask her friends! If you’re lucky, your lady’s girlfriends (or sister, or mother) will know the answer! Women talk ;) Option 2: Have her friends ask her. This can be tricky because if they’re not sly enough, they will give you away. Tread lightly on this option unless you know they’re detective worthy. Option 3: Borrow a ring. But only when she’s not looking! Be sure to grab a...

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What's her jewelry style?

Hey guys! Welcome to TOVE. By now you know that we help you find the perfect jewelry gift for your recipient in seconds. However, we're not psychics, so in order to do this we must know her style. Read on if you need some help cracking the code on your lady's style. If by then end of our playbook you still can't figure it out (no judgement!) shoot an email to Be sure to include a photo of your lovely lady, social media channels if you feel it's right, and obviously a big "HELP" in the subject line. We will happily lend a hand - or this case, our eyes.   The Minimalist (Think Gigi Hadid or Victoria Beckham) She's a fan of sleek, simple...

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